Actress brandishes guns during a performance of Euripides'  Hecuba.
 Girl smiles up at her friends.
 A hot-air balloon floats over Colorado Springs, Colorado.
 Man yells wildly at some partygoers.
 A man rappels down a sheer rock face.
 A hot-air balloon burner spits out a tongues of fire and makes a face.
 Performer raps on the streets of London.
 A boy clutches his nose at a soccer game after being kicked while saving a goal.
 An extremely well-dressed newt lies basking in the noon-day sun.
 A smoking, bike-taxi driver sighs after a long day of work.
 Molten glass cools on the floor of the glass-blowing studio at Centre College.
 Friends peer out over the river on their last day of school.
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